Worries over Contamination After Kauai Flooding

Beaches and other areas on Kauai that smell like sewage might be display signs of contamination, according to Hawaii health officials.

The Hawaii Department of Health hasn’t perceived any indications of illness outbreaks following a new flooding, though people have reported rashes and raw skin after spending time in a silt during Hanalei Bay on a island’s northern shore, The Garden Island reported .

“If an area smells like it is infested by sewage or other foul-smelling materials, it can be insincere to be contaminated,” pronounced Anna Koethe, a dialect spokesperson.

The dialect advises people to cruise putting a towel or sweeping down if they devise to spend time on a area’s beaches. They should also rinse off after contact.

“While DOH does not exam silt quality, it does actively guard a peculiarity of coastal waters,” Koethe said. “DOH recommendations to stay out of inundate and charge waters also request to areas that have been in hit with those potentially infested waters.”

The dialect released a brownish-red H2O advisory for Hanalei Bay Friday following a additional rainfall Thursday. Multiple unwashed H2O advisories have remained in outcome for tools of a island given a flooding.

State and internal health agencies deployed a medical group to Haena final week. The group has treated some-more than 200 residents for skin and wound infections, abrasions and other injuries common to flooding events, officials said.