Texas Judge Finalizes $200M-Plus Award in Lexus Defects Case

A final visualisation upholds a jury endowment of some-more than $200 million to a Dallas-area family opposite Toyota over what they purported were poor front seats in their Lexus sedan.

State District Judge Dale Tillery entered a final visualisation on Oct. 26 in Dallas in a lawsuit brought by Benjamin and Kristi Reavis. The Dallas County jury returned a outcome Aug. 17.

The integrate purported that in a Sep 2016 rear-end collision defects caused their front chair backs on their dual immature children seated in child reserve seats behind them. Their profession pronounced a 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son suffered serious conduct mishap and other injuries.

Reuters reported in Aug that a jury awarded indemnification of $242 million to a Dallas family after anticipating that defects in a family’s Lexus sedan caused injuries to their dual children during a rear-end collision.

The outcome enclosed some-more than $143.6 million in punitive indemnification after jurors concluded that a actions of Lexus-maker Toyota Motor Corp. and Toyota Motor Sales amounted to sum negligence, according to a Reuters report.

The $242 million endowment included:

  • $92M in saving indemnification for a dual children for past and destiny medical care, detriment of earning capacity, earthy impairment, pain anguish.
    $6 million for relatives Ben and Kristi Reavis for past and destiny mental anguish.

The dividend of a above indemnification was:

  • Toyota Motor Corp. 90 percent
    Toyota Motor Sales 5 percent
    Honda Pilot motorist who caused a rear-end collision 5 percent

The $143,600,400 in punitive indemnification for sum loosening was apportioned as follows:

  • Toyota Motor Corp.: $129,600,000
    Toyota Motor Sales: $14,000,400

In a statement, Toyota pronounced it would ask a decider or, if necessary, an appeals justice for a new trial.