Texas DOT Urges End to Streak of Daily Traffic Deaths

Since Nov. 7, 2000, during slightest one chairman has died on Texas roadways each singular day, according to a Texas Department of Transportation. More than 66,000 have died from automobile crashes on Texas roadways given that day, TxDOT says.

In an bid to finish this lethal 18-year milestone, a travel department, by a #EndTheStreakTX campaign, is reminding drivers it’s a common shortcoming among alley users and engineers to keep a roads safe.

To assistance lift recognition of this tragic, daily statistic, TxDOT is seeking people to share personal stories of desired ones mislaid in automobile crashes on their amicable media pages regulating print and video testimonials with a hashtag, #EndTheStreakTX.

The group also will be posting extraordinary statistics for a open to repost on amicable media outlets to assistance share this critical message.

The heading causes of fatalities continue to be disaster to stay in one lane, ethanol and speed. To diminution a chances of alley crashes and fatalities, TxDOT reminds drivers to:

  • Buckle seatbelts – all passengers need to be buckled
  • Pay courtesy – put phone divided and equivocate distractions
  • Never splash and expostulate – dipsomaniac pushing kills; get a solemn float home
  • Drive a speed extent – conform speed boundary and expostulate slower when continue conditions warrant

Source: TxDOT