Pennsylvania Charges 60 Individuals in Statewide Insurance Fraud Sweep

Criminal charges have been announced opposite 60 Pennsylvanians following investigations by a Attorney General’s Insurance Fraud Section. As a result, 23 people were charged in Eastern Pennsylvania, 10 in Central Pennsylvania and 27 in Western Pennsylvania.

The charges came about after a statewide brush conducted by a Insurance Fraud Section during a months of Sep and Oct 2018.

A recover released by a Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office remarkable a sampling of a charges, indicating initial to a eastern segment of Pennsylvania, where Jermond Harper was charged with burglary by deception, word fraud, forgery and other charges. It is purported that Harper filed a burglary explain on Nov 13, 2017, claiming 18 equipment were stolen from his automobile and submitted profits for mixed mink coats and jackets valued during over $43,000 to support his claim.

An review suggested that Harper supposing 3 feign profits for mink coats totaling some-more than $20,000. The owners of a men’s wardrobe store listed on a profits reliable that they were feign and had not given anyone accede to emanate receipts, and that his store did not sell coats of that high-end value. Harper was arrested on Oct 29, 2018.

In a executive segment of Pennsylvania, a recover remarkable Brenda Avellino was charged with burglary by dishonesty and word fraud. It is purported that Avellino skewed before repairs to her automobile as new repairs in an try to obtain some-more than $2,000.

On May 29, 2014, Avellino purchased a automobile and remarkable on sale papers that she was purchasing a automobile with accost repairs and that a automobile was reduced in cost due to a damage. On Apr 8, 2016, Avellino reported to Erie Insurance that her automobile had been shop-worn due to a accost charge on Apr 7, 2016. An review suggested that a final accost charge in Bloomsburg, Penn., was on May 22, 2014, there were no annals of a accost charge on Apr 7, 2016, and a repairs was never remade when she purchased a automobile in 2014. Avellino was arrested on Oct 15, 2018.

The recover combined that in Pennsylvania’s western region, Shane Valentine was charged with burglary by dishonesty and word fraud. It is purported that Valentine filed an automobile collision news with his automobile insurer, Progressive Insurance, on Jan 19, 2018, after he purchased automobile word online on Dec 21, 2017. In his collision report, Valentine suggested that his automobile was parked during a trailer park in Pennsylvania while he went out with some friends and a automobile was shop-worn when he returned.

An review suggested that a military collision news from a Ohio State Highway Patrol indicated Valentine was concerned in a strike and run collision in Dec 9, 2017, that enclosed endless repairs to a driver’s side back of a vehicle. This contradicts a collision reported on Jan 19, 2018. The attempted volume of burglary is $5,172. Valentine was arrested on Sep 17, 2018.

Since Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro took bureau in Jan 2017, a Office of a Attorney General’s Insurance Fraud territory has charged 367 people with word rascal cases, a recover stated.

“Insurance rascal is a critical crime that impacts consumers and policyholders opposite a commonwealth,” Attorney General Shapiro pronounced in a release. “We will aggressively prosecute anyone who breaks a law by providing fake information to an word company. When people dedicate word fraud, it causes premiums to arise for a folks who do follow a rules. It’s wrong, and we’re holding movement to stop it.”

The charges announced Nov 2, 2018, engage some of a many common forms of word fraud. All cases are still pending.

Source: Pennsylvania Office of a Attorney General