Oregon SAIF Declares Dividends as Workers’ Comp Costs Decrease

The house of directors of a SAIF, a not-for-profit association providing workers’ comp word in Oregon, announced dual dividends for customers: a $120 million primary division to be paid to SAIF’s policyholders, and a $40 million reserve opening division to be paid formed on any policyholder’s reserve results.

This is a ninth year in a quarrel SAIF has returned a estimable division to a customers. On average, authorised business can design to accept 28.6 percent of a reward paid in 2017. The dividends are probable since of SAIF’s altogether financial results, including investment earnings and auspicious trends in explain costs.

In further to dividends for SAIF’s policyholders, normal workers’ comp costs continue to tumble for Oregon employers.

There are 47,488 policyholders authorised for SAIF’s primary dividend. Of those, about 94 percent are also authorised to accept all or partial of a additional reserve opening dividend.

Checks will be mailed in Oct to authorised employers.