Man Sentenced for New York Vacation Rental Home Scam

An upstate New York male has been condemned to 3 years in jail and systematic to compensate behind some-more than $100,000 he bilked out of people in a vacation home let scam.

Federal prosecutors contend 58-year-old Henry Dean III, of Beaver Dams in Schuyler County, was condemned for his self-assurance on handle rascal charges.

Prosecutors contend Dean defrauded about 20 people out of scarcely $140,000 between 2014 and 2016 by charity vacation properties in a Finger Lakes segment for rent.

Authorities contend he advertised a properties on internet let websites. One of a rentals he charity was undergoing poignant construction, while another was owned by a chairman who wasn’t charity it for rent.

After receiving deposits from customers, Dean would cancel a reservations and exclude to reinstate a payments.