Lloyd’s Appoints Maidment from Beazley as Board Member

Lloyd’s has allocated Neil Maidment from Beazley Plc as an eccentric non-executive of a house with outcome from Feb 2019. The new appointment, for an initial tenure of 3 years, will be effective once Maidment’s tenure of bureau on a Council of Lloyd’s comes to an finish on Jan. 31.

After a 34-year career in a word industry, Maidment will be timid from Beazley Plc in Dec 2018.

He has spent many of his career during Beazley where, during a final decade, he has hold a purpose of arch underwriting officer with shortcoming for a group’s underwriting strategy. He is active underwriter for Beazley’s 6 syndicates.

In 2011 he was inaugurated to a house of a Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) and was allocated LMA authority in Nov 2015. In Feb 2016 he became a member of a Council of Lloyd’s.

After graduating from St Edmund Hall, Oxford, he began his career during Lloyds in 1984, essay non-marine treaty. He assimilated Beazley Furlonge in 1990 and was allocated to a house in 1993.

Source: Lloyd’s, Beazley, Lloyd’s Market Association and Bloomberg Financial Sector Website