Heffernan Opens Retirement Services Office in Washington Led by Thibault

Heffernan Insurance Brokers has non-stop a retirement services plcae in Seattle, Wash., to be overseen by Blake Thibault, handling executive of Heffernan’s financial services division.

Also located in a bureau are Dallas Otter, executive clamp president, and Matthew Pearson, clamp president.

Thibault has been with Heffernan given 2006. He was formerly a resources confidant with Morgan Stanley.

Dallas Otter
Matthew Pearson

Otter will yield fiduciary governance superintendence to investment committees, worker education, cost benchmarking, and use provider hunt services. Otter has some-more than 35 years of knowledge in a retirement devise consulting industry, many recently operative with a internal word and financial services organisation in a Seattle area.

Pearson will work with clients to assistance pattern and exercise best practices for retirement plans, breeze Investment process statements, and manage a monitoring of investment performance, as good as worker communication strategies. He has knowledge in both investment advisory and retirement devise consulting. He recently consulted clients on resources government during Northwestern Mutual, and oversaw corporate retirement skeleton with Kibble Prentice/USI.

Walnut Creek, Calif.-based Heffernan has California offices in San Francisco, Petaluma, Menlo Park, Los Angeles and Irvine, as good as in Phoenix, Ariz., Portland, Ore. and St. Louis, Mo.