Florida Fraud Strike Team Arrests Unlicensed Contractor in Panhandle

An unlawful executive handling in a Florida Panhandle has been arrested by a Florida Disaster Fraud Action Strike Force (DFAST) for allegedly conducting thatch repairs following Hurricane Michael, according to a matter from Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis.

Ashley Porterfield, owners of Porterfield Building, was arrested Nov. 20 on charges of unlawful contracting, a third-degree transgression during a state of emergency. DFAST reportedly celebrated employees of Porterfield Building repair a shop-worn roof while deployed to a Panhandle following Hurricane Michael.

Investigators done hit to determine a association had a correct licensure and workers’ remuneration word coverage compulsory by Florida law. It was detected that Porterfield was not protected to control business in a state.

“The Panhandle is recuperating after Hurricane Michael, though unlawful contractors could understanding another blow to Florida families,” Patronis said. “Unlicensed activity puts Floridians in risk and takes business divided from creditable contractors that follow a law. Before permitting anyone to make repairs, determine they have a compulsory licenses and insurance. While whirly deteriorate ends tomorrow, we will keep operative to strengthen residents and business owners as they rebuild.”

Porterfield was and requisitioned into a Bay County Jail and if convicted, could face adult to 5 years in prison.

Source: Florida Department of Financial Services