Court Limits Insurer’s Payout in Massive Wisconsin Wildfire

The state Supreme Court is tying an word company’s payout in a large northwestern Wisconsin wildfire.

Logging apparatus owned by Ray Duerr Logging LLC sparked a Germann Road Fire in Douglas County in May 2013. The glow consumed about 7,442 acres, broken 17 homes and forced dozens to evacuate.

Secura Insurance insured Duerr during a time of a fire. The process contained a $2 million total extent as good as a $500,000 per-occurrence extent for indemnification due to glow outset from logging.

A state appeals justice ruled a $2 million extent applied, anticipating there was an occurrence any time a glow widespread to a new square of property.

The Supreme Court overturned that statute on Oct. 29, anticipating a glow was a singular occurrence and a $500,000 extent applies.