Beazley’s Norton Joins Brit Global USA to Lead Cyber Team

Jeff Norton has been allocated to a purpose of comparison clamp president, Cyber Technology, for Brit Global Specialty USA. He will be obliged for heading and flourishing BGSU’s cyber and record team.

Norton brings a operation of underwriting knowledge with imagination in cyber. He joins BGSU from Beazley Group where he has been given 2009 and was a comparison underwriter specializing in information confidence and remoteness liability, record errors and omissions, and diverse veteran guilt and media liability. In this purpose he was obliged for heading a U.S. Private Enterprise Cyber charity to 8 years of essential growth.

Prior to Beazley, Norton was with Marquis Agency, heading the veteran guilt team.

Norton, formed in Chicago, will news to Tom Bongi, executive clamp president, Professional Liability.