6 Months After Storm, Texas Launches Harvey Recovery Funds Tracker

Texas has launched a open online apparatus to lane incoming and effusive supports for Hurricane Harvey recovery, 6 months after a assign strike and dual months after The Associated Press reported that it did not have one.

Gov. Greg Abbott called a tracker — that provides a county-level perspective of a some-more than $13 billion in inundate word payouts, hotel vouchers and other forms of sovereign assist that has been disbursed so distant — “a good start in achieving transparency” in a matter from a Texas AM University System-based Commission to Rebuild Texas.

The tracker contains information from a Federal Emergency Management Agency and a Texas General Land Office. Additional information from other agencies will be combined as it is supposing to a commission, a matter said.

The AP reported in Dec that a deficiency of such a apparatus could impede coordination and inspire fraud.

Abbott orator Matt Hirsch pronounced in Dec that a supports tracker was in a works though did not know what it would entail or when it would come online.

When asked either AP’s stating on a emanate had sped adult a launch of a tracker, AM orator Reeve Hamilton pronounced he was incompetent to comment.

After Harvey beaten Texas final August, Abbott affianced that a state would lead a possess recovery, streamlining sovereign assist to assign victims while avoiding a inefficiencies of progressing Washington-controlled disaster responses.

“A Texas-sized assign requires a Texas-sized response, and that is accurately what a state will provide,” Abbott said.

Abbott tapped AM Chancellor John Sharp to manage a elect and put Land Commissioner George P. Bush in assign of short- and long-term housing.

But rather than apropos a new indication for disaster recovery, an AP research found Texas’ efforts have mostly been delayed to reveal and tangled with bureaucracy.

Harvey’s 130-plus mph winds and torrential rainfall forced scarcely 780,000 Texans to evacuate. About 900,000 after practical for supervision liberation assistance.

Federal annals suggested it took scarcely 4 times as prolonged to residence people in trailers after Harvey as it did following Hurricane Katrina, whose pell-mell issue became a inhabitant scandal. Repairs to houses were also using months behind a gait following 2012’s Super Storm Sandy and reduction inauspicious disasters like a Baton Rouge flooding in 2016.